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On a quest to make great tastes available to all…

Elbow Foods is focused on gourmet foods made from all-natural ingredients.  The concept was born long ago, when we were kids.  We knew even then that the flavors we ate would be loved by any and all who had a chance to taste them.

Some of our foods come from those traditional family recipes, just as they have been made for generations.  We also put our own updated spin on a few of the recipes.  Still, we have developed new recipes that reflect tastes we have grown to love.  We are always working on new foods to bring to you.

Regardless of which of our foods you enjoy, know that you eat what we eat.  These are the same foods we feed to our family and friends.  We hope that they provide you with enjoyment, as well as convenience in your preparation!

-Derek and Kim Glicco
Founders of Elbow Foods